Another day, another dollar

First I went to TATSA. I met there with an old assistent of the programmer who coded their system: Julia, a pretty and skinny girl... I'll see her the next monday ... 8-)

We found that in XP the old config.sys & autoexec.bat are overrided by system32config.nt & system32autoexec.nt... an hour lost in that *censored*y thing...

Then, Julio and I went to the local news paper, El Sol del Bajío, with the proposal of a weblog for the city oriented to the regional election. Just a social experiment. They're expecting a wrote proposal, and Julio doesn't have head to write something usefull.

Abanet accepted the garqmail project!... money, money, money...

In the afternoon went to the Tecno to see the brand new installation of OpenBSD in the Sparc20. Something is going wrong: the screen output slows the whole system terribly, but if I work in a remote ssh session, everything works smooth&easy. Installed the ports and kernel sources. We decided go and leave the computer compiling bind9 and the kernel.

At the night Julio and I ate 12 tacos each, and then me and mom went to my cousin's birthday party... something to forget.