Finally today I went to TATSA in order to get my payment. But they asked me for put a Dialin server... I did it in 15 minutes. Now they want rescue their old and crapy hardware with Linux. I don't want to waste my time in that... Should I've to hire an assistent?

But I didn't went to Salgados' office, neither I finished the advance report. I sent a minimal report until the afternoon. Shame on me.

The damn site of Linux VM Project is down. My students can't make their homework. But in the other hand I found the description of the UVM, the new virtual memory scheme for NetBSD.

In the afternoon came to Coral, no to the tec as Zendejas and I agreed. Shame on me. I had finish my report, and the page for the class.

Wait for Julio for talk to the news paper... He haven't apear yet. Well, he's more irresponsable than I.

Tomorrow I'll go to Queretaro again... I don't like it anymore.