when the guarantee is over

I came to Coral office at the morning. Everything was going right, but then José Luis told me the Equinox linux server isn't working, seems to be something in the filesystem. I'll have to go tomorrow.

Then called me Zendejas: the crappy Sparc 5, which works as the global DNS server, misteriously stop fork process. A reboot fixed the issue, and it ain't NT.

The PCD guys changed the root passwd, so I can't check if their dialin server is working. I'll have to call them and ask if it worked and for my payment.

Then Ramón and Carlos García: SLP is trashing. I really hate WISPs... Should I've remove the FreeBSD bridge? Damn.

The rest of the morning went searching the best options for pick multipart/form-data. CGI.pm is my best bet. A couple of bug fixing. Installed Bugzilla in my debian box.

Abanet, another bunch asking-no-paying machines. I want draw a scheme of their network. I work as a mule and my bank account isn't raising. Maybe I should dismiss all of them. Leave me alone! I'm not your *censored*!

ACTSA has been so lovely clients. Now I reconize their value. I've look for them.

Then 5 beautifull minutes of class. K looked so nice.

Mono 0.20 is out, and mod_mono for apache. It's so exciting.