Life in the fast line

Today, in the meal, Julio called me with a sad new: Eddy A. died.

He was a classmate in the prepa. He was, for a time, a close friend of Norberto, Arturo and Juan Manuel. I talk to him a little. He was wealthy, his family have a jewellery shop in the down town, near to Coral; his father passed away for a time, so when I meet him, he lived with his mother, his older brothers were already married, carrying their own life.

Soon he started to carry a life style quite odd: weird parties, eccentric friends. Once I hearded him to say: "there are only a few things I haven't done: be with a man and try the acid".

Then we went to the College. He went to Monterrey at the ITESM. At that time we heard about his homosexuality. We made a couple jokes about it, and then tacitly agreed to respect his way of life.

In the last months I saw him, at his jewellery, and at Sanborns. He looks quite skinny, pale as a moon, drawn.

He died because of AIDS.

I want remember he as generous, friendly and respectful as he was. I want peace for his soul now and forever.