Puppetry of the penis. Two actors in stage telling stories with a virtoso puppet: their own penis, which will be converted, through complicated contortions, in a hamburger, en the Loch Ness monster, the Eiffel tower, etc.

Norberto told me about this show a couple weeks ago. He, futhermore, bought their book, about how you can deploy this show. Discusting? maybe for our conservatives minds. It should be cool stand up in front your friends and show your last trick: a dick watch!

I'm amusing about the state of GnuCash. Now it can store clients, providers, scheduling billings, and a lot more! But now their are asking for more participators. It would be a shame if the project stops.

An amazing link: Amnistía Internacional: México. It's outrageous what's happening here, and we barely know.