Now we're moving

Finally a project walk: The digital RAS Cyclades PC400 is working, and it's working great. Carlos found a person who installed the card some time ago, so he called him, and then asked me to call him again; I did it, nothing new told with one exception: what Telmex tech support told is pure crap, copy the sample CAS for E1 config file, modify it with your values and that's it. Did it and it works, as magic, so simple... K I S S ... I thing the issue was the digits of the telephone number: I was sending 4 to the configuration as the Telmex tech support told me, but in the sample only was stated 3, changed it, make a phone call and I got it.

The portslave works very neat with the ICRadius.

Config file for a Cyclades PC400 (CAS E1 for Telmex/Uninet):

unit_name PC400
prompt Select option ==>
escape_char 0x1b
shortcut_char 0x0
username super
password supc
syslog enabled line|debug|user|system|modem info
        interf_type e1
        clock_mode slave
        line_code hdb3
        frame_mode ncrc4
        signaling_mode cas
        rx_sensitivity shaul
        signaling_type r2digital
        companding_mode alaw
        signaling_tone mfr2c
        country mexico
                connection_type both
                phone_num 500
                dsp_profile_id 1
                connection_type both
                phone_num 501
                dsp_profile_id 1
                connection_type both
                phone_num 502
                dsp_profile_id 1
                connection_type both
                phone_num 503
                dsp_profile_id 1
                connection_type both
                phone_num 504
                dsp_profile_id 1

Keep reading the Steppenwolf. Now I feel better with my loneliness and my misantropy, accepting my wolf nature. Yeap! only for insanes..

The load balancing is still incomplete, but Jose Luis helped to figure out a simple way to achieve it: make the redirection in the cisco router, as well the nat, and the proxy will have tun0 as default gateway, making round-robin with the parent squid with a static route. The problem now is PCD and their Debian box.

Gotta buy the Band of Brothers, it would be the best Christmas gift for my dad, but I'll need to buy the DVD player too...

Paid my SHCP fee, called to Aurora (she'll be flying back to Barcelona by friday night), be called by Zendejas (asking me for the mrtg graphs and to remaind me about the CFE's payment), saved the world, stopped the starvation, made a woman happy... that was pretty much my day