can I rest now?

A terrible week deserves a quiet weekend. So I'm now listening Bunbury, writing this blog, trying to remember what in the hell I did today.

Oh! yes! I remember: Spent all the morning resolving other's people problems, the most stupid and annoying ones, leaving behind my own interests. Almost a little suicide attempt.

In the morning received a SMS from Chuy, demanding me my reply to his email, we was eager to know what's happening with the Norberto's life.

Finnish to watch the Band of Brothers serie. Astonishing piece of work!

MCS is compiling in my Debian-PPC!!!! All you need is love.. and patience and reading and a clear mind and understanding... Use mint as interprenter, not mono, becaouse it won't compile, it's terrible slow but it's works. make -k will try to do anything and install the mint and the runtime, for the bootstrap, then export the MONO_PATH and the BOOTSTRAP_MCS

I have to write my Resume (CV), and found XMLResume, a set of dtds and xsl transformations for write CVs in XML and get them in HTML, PDFs, plain text, etc. Regrettably it doesn't have support for spanish, but it could be a nice behaivor provide that. They're using java for the xslt, that's the part I don't like, xsltproc is more strightforward for me and my PPC...