this is the story about the hurricane

The PDC's server have been kicking my ass for a while. Yesterday at 10pm, in the PDC's offices I understood that the Linux shadow's MD5 is different of openldap's MD5 becaouse of the salt.

Hopefully the found patch would help me

Started to hack gnome-netinfo in order to provide whois access. Until now only having fun with glade.

The ACTSA's database schema it pure crap, must of it because the Interbase, it's a terrible piece of dbms. I'll like to thing that Firebird is another thing, but the Interbase 5 under SCO, and that scheme, it's just a waste of computational resources.

Now they want a web app where I've to extract info from diferent databases, relate them, and put the results in Oracle... weird!

Gulags (kad more precisley) is tempting me to use jaws instead of this amateur journal.