and all the things I done

Pretty busy day.

In the morning Tresguerras. Finally got a muti-provider server which could balance loads: a DSL and a DS0: all services from the server (email, web, etc) have as gateway the DS0, the users (NAT and Proxy) through the DSL. Detected a compromised machine.

Ate at Vips.

All the afternoon spent at ULM. One thing I hate from Debian is his kernel, it's very limited in it's functionality. Advancing routing, firwalling or QoS? you must to compile.

Updated shorewall, support for ftwall and mppe for the VPN.

  1. cancelled me again. Heavy loads of work.

Email from Cuernavaca. Rossana quited, now Dr. Mayora is at charge.

Tomás and his suprises. Hell with weddings.

It's pretty tempting the idea to pass holydays at Tamaulipas with Chuy and plenty of wine.

The pr0n guys are amazing, now generate customized banners from your IP number, and another databases: check