splendid days

Yesterday went to Yuriria with "las carajas" and Norberto. It was "el día del pueblo", so great! hundreds of people walking behind a blow-band, drinking, dancing, whole a carnaval. Finished utterly drunk. Photos in my web site in the near future.

Today we went to the Yuriria's Lake. It's beautiful. Rented a small boat and rowed.

In the afternoon, when we're eating, got a couple of SMS from B. Amazing, we didn't talk or see each other for about a year. We I get back home, I call her, talked, her cell phone got discharged, she called me back. Amazing again. Now we've a date for wendesday. I've a question: she's really interested in something with me or just want an asshole for her self-esteem and then throw him away?

Called to P. Her answer machine answered. She doesn't have a noisy voice as she claim to have.

No code, no Cuernavaca, no work, no computers. It's so relaxing.