glib, wireless and surprises

Sysadmins are so dumb

In this week I found two proofs that 1) wireless networks are spreading quickly and 2) their administrators are really stupid.

The first was in Queretaro, I was in a fourth floor of a ten floors building, no access points around, and Uma found an AP, the DHCPCD got a routable IP, and no firewall traceable.

The second proof was in the second floor of Julio's house. I brought Uma to rip a couple of chill out CDs, when I notice that the DHCPCD was running: I got no-routeable IP but with Internet access, just a stupid proxy blocking hotmail and yahoo's mail. I checked the route, nmapped the next-to-me AP and found Linux as OS and the HTTPS port open, made a conection: it was a Teletronics AP! I checked for the default admin password: Got access! I found two wifi-nets, without any search, with no security. What make me wonder how many wifi-nets are in the same situation, just in Celaya, and, how much I could do securing them: cracking/publishing/fixing.

Glib's meeting

Last Saturday was a very informal glib's meeting at chez Requiem. It was great to listen them, great talks about all that stuff that couldn't chat in the real life, know about them... definitely I love the glib, love FS/OS...

Rescue Celaya Monuments!

I admit it: Celaya isn't a beautiful city, it doesn't have many nice places, but the few things that the city has are in total destruction. We must save those places, in order to have a better city:

  1. the Tresguerras' Bridge, at least there's the new bridge, now we have to restore it and retun it his original beauty.
  2. The Mona's bridge, is full of graffitti, so forgotten and it must be restored and publicised.
  3. Catedral and el Carmen,
  4. el Jardín Princial and la Alameda

I'm pretty sure that Celaya could be a nice place, with beautifull sights if we restore all its buildings. But it's seems that we just want to live in an horrible city.