it doesn't really matter

Last week I presented a fundaments of computing exam. I failed it, honestly, no one question I could answer correctly. And I was sad about that. Today the lecturer gave us the notes: 85. I couldn't beleave it, and it makes me anger. Why in the hell the teachers scores so high? Yes, other fellows failed the test, but I deserved fail it too.

I don't know. I'm lucky, but I'm too ungrateful with my luck.. damn consciense!

I worked almost all day in my WinXP partition, because I've been using Matlab (couldn't get a "free copy" for Linux), learning how to use it for image processing.

I just don't get how people like use Win... I feel like my hands where tied and the system treats me as a stupid. Very frustating.

Tomorrow I'll go to Celayita la Bella to pass the holidays. I'm impatiente to be there.