28 Diciembre, 2:17pm

the strange days of uncle tom

Last week Judith and I agreed to go to the cinema to watch The Incredibles this last monday, but she sms me the cancellation of the date arguing a further explanation. So when I got back to home, I called her. I wanted hear the mysterius explanation, and here it is: she have a new boyfriend, and he didn't like the idea of she going to the cinema with me. A jeallus guy with an inferior's complex. But the strange issue here is that she told me that she likes more me than he, but because I don't see her more than a friend, she prefer be with the new guy, who thinks she is the love of his life. Life give you surprises...

In the afternoon, after a Sanborns session with Julio, we made a stop in the ATM, where a homeless were covering from the cold night. Him lack of humanity kill us, so Julio got back home, took a jacket a we walk back in order to gave it to he. When he saw us trying to reach him, he run away... so we left the jacket in the street and walk back home.