2 Febrero, 11:56pm

full of energy

I slept today at 4am, with an epiphany in mind: a view of my architecture for the robot exploration system. Now I've to code, and that's the hard thing.

Finally I realized that what I want is a GObject version of libplayerc, but I don't have it. So or I write it or I use the libplayerc.

Then I woke up at 8:30 am, so full of energy, I don't know why, (lack of laid off?) and did some jogging.

Went to school, tried to code some thing useful. I couldn't. So I supose I've to be less ambicious, and just try to make the things work.

Then went to CCM. Just waste of time.

Tomorrow I'll be in Querétaro, and Celaya afterwards.