La neta del planeta

Hace poco una amiga me pasó la liga de Uncyclopedia, la enciclopedia comunitaria que supera en mucho a wikipedia y al resto.

Para muestra basta un botón. He aquí una de las verdades humanas más preclaras e insignes:

Sex And You

You will not get sex. Ever. You will try your entire life to get some hint of what actual sex really is, but will fail miserably. All of your friends will have sex, and later brag about how awesome it was to you. Many of your girlfriends will give the impression that they want to have sex, but when you lean in on them, they'll change their minds last minute. It is possible that you think you are getting sex, but trust me that's not sex. If you're gay, you will get stuck with the small percentage of celibate gay men as boyfriends. If you're a girl, you will get and have sex whenever and wherever you wish. Also, your grandparents still have sex.

¿Acaso no entendieron ya su propia realidad?