12 Enero, 11:05am

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The second book of the year:

  1. Faust - Goethe (12/2004 - 08/01/2005)
  2. Arráncame la vida - Ángeles Mastretta (09/01/2005 - 12/01/2005)

The story line is about Catalina Guzmán a woman who got married with Andrés Ascencio been yet quite young. Andrés fiveteen year older, who fought in the revolution involved in the post revolution politics, being governator of Puebla state and then staff of the president. Andrés was a violent man, who alway cheat on her, bringing her the children of his others affairs. Then Cati met Carlos Vives, the director of the National Philarmonic, with who had an affair. Andrés tolerated this situation while he thought Cati was a spy, because Carlos was member of a comunist union, but finally Andres ordered the assasination of Carlos. Cati learned to live with this man, until he died and the book finish. The story of a intelligent woman who live in wealthy and power, trying to find love and comprehension.

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