12 October, 7:28pm

¡Tu jugaste con fuego!

Yesterday Sergio crashed at home. He'll stay until find a place. But it was a bad day for him, because Morales and Sucar went to Veracruz. Any way, he's here and it's the begining of the end.

Without Morales and Sucar anyway we have our weekly meeting. Sergio showed his thesis' defense. Blanca and I made "the hard questions". The rest, as usual, just shut. He've beautiful animations for explain his points. I'll gotta copycat it.

The mobot forum is moving on! more people is using it, even Sucar created an account. My plans for world domination are on rails... niaca-niaca.

Today, finally, I did some work in my thesis. When the work begin, it didn't seem so painful anymore.

Got reply from Norberto. Didn't understand he, where could be his point?