15 Enero, 11:27pm

taking your life in your hands

Wow! I finished a great book. It's full of beautifull things: Abraxas, Cain, love, lonelyness, wisdom, illumination. Hermann Hesse just kicks asses.

Right now I'm trying to communicate with an old love. The willing, the desair, the determination and patience are the ingredient of the recipe.

So, here is the count:

  1. Faust - Goethe (12/2004 - 08/01/2005)
  2. Arráncame la vida - Angeles Mastretta (09/01/2005 - 12/01/2005)
  3. Demian - Hermann Hesse (12/09/2005 - 16/09/2005)

Story line: a guy, Emil Sinclair, who met and was saved from a bully by a boy named Max Demian. He taught him the value of thinking by ourself, be filter of the world, just like Nietzsche used to say. Then they split, Sinclair went to high school in other city where he passed to the dark side of his being, been an alcoholic, almost dropping the studies. But he saw a girl who never met, but she save he. Been a new man, and in the university Sinclear met again with Demian and his mother. They taught he more great things, Sinclair become one of them. Sinclair felt in love (always was in lover, even before meet her) of Demain's mother.

The book finished when both boy go to the war.

The part I liked more was when Frau Eva (Demian's mother) tell him about the love, which you don't ask or demand, you must feel it and you should be sure that person will love you back, without doubts. Then, the rest, is only two willings gravitating each other closer and closer.

Now let's talk about the rest of my humanity: did some jogging, cleaned the house, eat hamburgers, and then hang out with Jackie and Fabian: shopping and cinema. My credit card was rejected! I gotta check that tomorrow.

We watch Meet the Fockers... well you get what you pay.

You must read this: Free Culture. Lawrence Lessig Keynote from OSCON 2002.