Let's see...

At Salgado's office I played all the morning with a javascript toy which helps with the crafting of dates strings. The "DatosComplementarios.pm" module will be fun to code: photographs, dates, text...

Two things: escape the text and keep in the session struct the flow of the app: an attack could be done if we mantain the update data in the page as a hidden input.

The class: Dijsktra's banker algorithm.

I could install FreeBSD 4.3 in the crappy machines at the ITC. My ISO images of RH6.2 and Debian Potato where corrupted.

Called Julio for a coffee. He's with his girlfriend. Nothing can be done. Should I call Judith?

Tomorrow have to go to Querétaro. As usually, I don't want to go.

In the morning I got bothered by the SLP guys: their wireless connections are falling down because the increasing interference.