a holly friday

I didn't go to SLP. I didn't wanna. I didn't wake up with the humor for save the world today (at least their wireless pitty business).

Sent an email about my payment to Querétaro. The called me back, telling me that they don't need me in Qro tomorrow. Everybody *ucks somebody, sometimes.

Fixed some bugs in the sucorreoadmin about changing the number of mailboxes and the db creation in mysql.

Later went to forgesa, to install Gigabit ethernet card: piece of cake. Agreed about a Linux course.

Then called me Chuy. We took a coffe cup, a couple beers, ate some tacos, then his gf called him and drop me back in Coral.

Called Julio. He has a wedding later.

So here me now, in one of my worst situations: a friday night with nothing social to do.