A good day for be linux fan

Woke up with the emotion of a date in the afternoon, but I think I got dismissed. Yep, J's wisp should alert me. Anyway, today, I keep enjoying my new Machintosh PowerBook G3.

Today, finally, finished the 3 stages of gentoo (autoadvice: The FAQ is great, the FAQ is wornderful, the FAQ must be read). I had to compile the kernel 3 times, why? because I didn't read the FAQ. Now comes the xfree86 thing, and 333Mhz for compiling seems so slow.

I wanted code with S today, but the new lap seduced me. Two damn reports more and the first stage is over. Then testing, then modifications (ugh!) and bugs, then more testing, then...

The AN garqmail's troubles scares me.