fixing others network problems

Woke up late, so I decide not go to the IFE, my IFE credential must to wait again. So used the morning in finish the SteppenWolf. Such a great book. It made me thing about a "reading therapy": you go to the psichologist, he/she hears your life, prescribes you a set of books to read as a therapy.

Got in the office, received a ULM's call: Jose Lemus asking me for add an IP number in the privileged-source for SquidGuard, fix a bug in their Shorewall configuration (set newnosyn in ther internal interface) and gave an account in his email server (he insist in an error in the web interface).

Susana began to ask me about firewalls, I wasn't in the mood, I wanted the money, so I didn't answered.

In home we ate carnitas... mmmhh!!

Then, in afternoon, went to ITC, the firewall was very strange. Talked for a few seconds with Judith, fixed the error (NAT wasn't right), updated some servers, talked a few seconds with Karina, joined with Clone and Sismo, and decided going to eat some tacos. There grab a few beers, got back in home, early... too early.