GlibLog goes public

The story is long and bore, but I want tell it.

Several days ago, in order to lear some C# began to code a simple web client for the Glib's Bitácoras. It was a disaster: found a nasty bug in the cookie handling at the corlib: geeklog returns 2 cookies at least each response, but corlib only find one (it doesn't occur in the mscorlib). I wasted a lot of hours trying to figure out this.

The weekend came, went to the Cervantino, and I dream me coding in python. Next day rewrite the C# in Python. Few minutes after I got a running app, all dancing, all singing. But another disater appeared: Nasty bugs in the Geeklog: any authenticated user could impersonate the other Bitácoras. Shit! Upgrade geeklog and its journal plugin... more bugs appeared... shit! The week passed, fix all that issues, now I make public my small app... look the screenshot:

broken link (old screenshot)