weird return to home

Decide to come home for this saturday. It was raining in Cuernavaca, was the 1pm, when I realized that the bus to Queretaro departed at 2pm. Had to run. Wheren't disponible caps. At 13:45 get a cap. 14:17 arrive to the bus central. No tickets to Queretaro available. Talked with the bus driver if I could go stand up. In a very illegal way I took the bus with the fear of be catched and kicked out by some control agent. No problems, just fear and worrynes all the way.

Arrived to Queretaro, bought a ticket for Celaya. No buses in the central. A large row were formed, two buses were be necesary. An unknown girl talked to me in a very familiar way. Weird.

Got in Celaya. All my friends are unavailable. Shit. Why I came with all the work to do?