This weekend was very... I dunno... complete... may be the word.

The saturday went to CCM to finally get working the allegro library in the BitsyX. The trick was, instead of complicate the life, use a big USB memory stick (256M), put a complete file system (with compiling stuff), chroot the fs, compile and package. The compile part was terrible slow, but at least worked. We imagine that once having the binaries in the BitsyX, they'll work in the Viper but some difference in the libc deny us that pleasure.

When I got back to home, I met David, a graduate student of mecathronics. Nice guy. Watched the World Series & drank wine.

In Sunday we woke up early an started to fin our new place. Visited a near by house, then another one by Palmira. The second one was the one. We've a new house!!!. Yes it's expensive (3.5K pesos at month) but it's fully furnished, near to the campus, and the homelanders seems nice.

Next I bought the Playboy magazine, the number with Margarita Gralia. That woman is just amazing. Futhermore we rented a movie: Kissing Jessica Stein. I like it very much. In the movie, Jessica answer to an add with a Rilke verse. So searching I found a couple of translations to english of his poems. Here's one of them:

A Woman in Love

That is my window. I
just awoke so gently.
I thought, I'm floating.
How far does my life reach,
and where does the night begin?

I could think that everything
around me is me;
like the transparent depth of a crystal,
darkened and mute.

I think I could bring the stars
inside of me, so large does
my heart seem; so very much
does it want to let go of him
whom I have perhaps begun
to love, perhaps to hold.
So strange, so uncharted
does my fate appear.

Who am I who lies here
under this endless sky,
as the sweet scent of a meadow,
moving back and forth,
at once calling out and anxious,
that someone might hear my call,
destined to vanish in another.

In the afternoon with Joshua in home, watched the 2nd game of the World Serie, drank wine and beers.

[Update] Finished another book:

  1. Una biografía de Bukowski
  2. Un libro de cuentos de H.P. Lovecraft
  3. Dublineses - Jame Joyces
  4. El Jugador - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  5. Noches blancas - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  6. El arte de amar - Erich Fromm
  7. El código Da Vinci - Dan Brown
  8. La rebelión de la granja - George Orwell
  9. El príncipe - Maquiavelo
  10. A sangre fría - Truman Capote
  11. Naranja Mecánica - Anthony deBurges
  12. La tercer ola - Alvin Toefler
  13. Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe
  14. Azteca - Gary Jennings
  15. Así habló Zaratustra - Nietzsche
  16. Los tipos duros no bailan - Normal Mailer

The next target: El valle de las muñecas de Jaqueline Susann.

[Update] I'm happy because of this.