4 years more of terror

Yep it is official: Bush won the election. EEUU has spoken. I feel biased to think the the EEUU citizen are, in their vast majority, ignorant. But don't misunderstand me, there are a lot great people there, but not the enough to decide a world-wide election. This was a FUD election. Put a devil in the TV, and the EEUU citizen will put a avenging angel in the power. EEUU is no more the greatest democracy in the world. And, in my personal hope, Mexico will take that position. The CW woke up early to go to Mexico City. She told us she was going to meet with Aurora and then travel to Queretaro. When I arrived to home to eat, found the CW, Aurora, and Aurora's mother!!! Haven't bed yet, no gas too, but we've leave the old house this friday. Has been fun stay in two house simultanously. Worked today in the Localization's paper. Not so fun. Blanca is organizating a mapaton. It's so funny and useful too: Donate a Player/Stage map!!!