27 Febrero, 1:51am

16 tons

Has been a while since I wrote this blog last time, so I'll try to catch it up. Let's review from the last weekend:

Was the Jackie's birthday. I didn't give her any present, but I helped in the organization of the surprise party made at home, and also I woke her up with "las mañanitas", not so nice as she and Cinthia made in my birthday, but hey! I did my effort. Besides it was real mess try to organice the surprise party: coordinate the masters peers, look for an alibi, coordinate the shopping issue, and so on. But well, the party was nice: Jackie got drunk with vodka; Joshua and David were a great talking duo; Cinthia, Bubu and Pame tought me how to dance salsa...

The next day, after all the gang went back to their places, Jackie and I watched Million dollar baby. I liked the movie. I was expecting a female version of Rocky, but it really surprised me. Hilary Swank is marbelous.

Then a new week came. Sucar scolded me because I didn't keep a schedule for the lab. Felt drepressed.

In thursday went to the cinema alone to watch Mar adentro. I cryed and cryed and cryed all the movie. It's so sad, so joyfull, so beauty and so discusting...

Keep my read of Crime and punishment, with slow pace, because it's so depressing. I feel that words going through my veins.

Today, with a couple peers, went to a ravine which is custom to be a little zoo. Nice time. Then we ate seafood and got back.

Jackie went to DF, so I spent another weekend alone... I'm very dual about it: I love be alone in home, and I hate it too.

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