8 Enero, 12:19am

First book of the year!

Faust - Goethe

I should not recommend this book as basic literature. The most difficult, boring and complex books I ever read were written by germans: Goethe, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.

The basic story line is about, Faust, a great wise man (alchemist, philosopher, etc) who was tempted by the devil (Mefistofele), so he exchange his soul for a moment of passion and love, and he got it with Margaret (Gretchel), but she got pregned, and Mefistofoles took away Faust to the Walpurgisnacht, meanwhile Margaret died by the shame of be a single mother.

Then Faust met Helena of Troy, and he ask to Mefistofele for her love, and he got it... again... but whe Faust died Gretchel was who defended he front the Virgin Marie, so Faust saved his soul.

I'm in Cuernavaca

6 hours of travel, in a bus with 2 babies crying and moaning... such a pain...