The DAO code generator

Finally I got a preliminary version of my code generator for the DAO pattern! It's a Perlish hack and it's a complete mess, but it generates C++ data transport objects which compile without warnings, even with the -pedantic compiler flag enabled.

In general, the generator search for tables in a specific database schema (right now only PostgreSQL is supported). For each table, extracts their attributes and their properties (primary key and autoincremented), then using simple templates (using Text::Template), creates a data transport object (.h and .cpp respectively) for each table. The generated code also is also capable to build a perfect Doxygen documentation.

Currently the generator is hardcoded, so it's quite lame give away something.

My TODO list: clean the generator in order to offer it in the web, create an directory infrastructure, generate autoconf magic, create the DAO objects, create DAO factory, pack all in a libdb.a library, document, document and document.

En otro orden de ideas, la inexperencia cómo nos hace lucir como soberanos pendejos.