from home, again...

For bad or good I'll leave Celaya this thursday. I'll get back to Cuernavaca. So I decided to take advantage of this few left days of vacations and do some shopping.

Julio and I went to Queretaro, where we met Norberto, ate and drove to the "El Punto", and then "Plaza Galerías". I felt so queer walking down with my Rebook and Pull and Bears bags, and I remembered why I hate buy fancy clothes... but well, Julio and Norberto have the purpose to metrosexualisate me, I just left the love and my money flow away. Aurora made mock of us: "I told to my peers at the office, that my husband and his friends went to the mall to do some shoppings..."

Glanced the Norberto's FHM magazines. Weird stuff in there.

The rest was drink some beer, exchange some porn, and chat.

Linux Documentation

Document Linux isn't an easy task, you should first ask to yourself:

And try to answer this questions leads you to the answer: Is impossible write a Genereal Non-plus-ultra wide-spectrum documentation for Linux. It will be a enormous effort with a very short life time, because the risk of obsoletation in FS/OS is huge (it's a very dynamic enviroment).

But this is not a reason to destroy the courage and determination: just a reason to focus it.

I can start by writing my own experience, and give the recipe to achieve something with my distro, with my hardware, with may level of knowledge, with my own intentions. Futhermore, I can invite to my friends to collaborate with my effort. But, as Sandino said, if I want a bigger collaboration, I must write my stuff in english (more people understand me).

Nevertheless, I don't have the right to demand an effort without moving neither an inch of one finger. As Linus says: "Show me the code"... it means, don't boast me, don't push me, don't bother me with your ideas; just show something done, something that I could read, that I could print, compile or execute...

I encourage people to write stuff, to code stuff, but I disencourage people who just scream "I have an idea!" and do nothing by themselves.


I gotta buy a PDA... any recommendations for a Linux friendly one?