the forgotten blog

I should be more disciplinated and write in a daily basis this blog. But when I'm front this screen, I feel shame becouse I don't have anything to say. Futhermore, the english jitter my brain and lost my clearness.

But we're plenty of news: Norberto is going to get married to Aurora. Maybe I'll go to Bacerlona in order to be a witness (only if they accept it). My talk about bandwidth management is pacing slow, I think I'm not in the research mood. Cuernavaca stay equal since the last week, haven't seen any about the FAPPI neither the Cátedras Académicas scholarship.

Tomorrow is going to be my "comp. sec." class for the CFE sysadmins... Should I be excited? I ain't. Zendejas show me their review tests: they don't know how the IP masks works!!!

Depressed, smoky and rainy days have been.