A stormy night

Did I mention before I hate Fridays with no hang out plans? I hate them, and today is one. Julio's next-married-gang are preparing to go to Los Azufres for a pre-pre-nuptial night, so this weekend seems very lonely.

But the worse thing is the excesss of water, the Laja river is bursting its banks, and the Lerma is already overflowed. A thousand of families are in refugies.

And the rain persists. I'm hearing right now the thunders.

I haven't finished my talk, but I think is quite advanced.

Yesterday and today give my class for the CFE's school. Eight hours straight: I'm exhausted. But there were very fun people, nice people.

In a moment of coding necesity I wrote a reporter for the clamav for the sucorreo web-administrator. I hope administrators will find it useful.

Have the idea for another short story: I guy who sell his happiness to a satanic merchant, a rambling about the current nihilism... cool!