Back from Veracruz

Veracruz was OK. The congress had almost everything: good things, bad things, exciting things, bore things. But I don't want know nothing more about congresses for a while.

So I could predict, my back was plenty of phone calls/IMs from Tatsa, Prosat and Abanet. Now, tomorrow I'll go to Tatsa in order to install a new NIC in their server where we'll plug the DSL. I'll try the wondershaper too. Then, don't know yet if tomorrow or a day after I'll take the bus to San Luis de la Paz for a fresh new install of OpenBSD 3.3, patch openssh (ough!), and play with pf and his load balancing support.

In the middle of all that put on my site the pictures of the trip beside the slides of my talk. That's a stupid job, it must be automated.

The rest of the day tryied to compile the mono runtime in my PowerBook without success. That's a shame. I want to play with in that machine. Right now I'm search for the bug in bugzilla, again, without success.