not a good day

Yesterday bougth the book Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse in Sanborns. I felt ashamed when I realized that my literature came from Sanborns.

Today resolved to go to San Luis de la Paz and install OpenBSD and configure the load balancing with the Infinitum link.

In Thursday tryied to do the same in PCD with Linux, with out any good result. The default kernel installed by Debian isn't cute, if you want something a little bit exotic, you must compile your kernel: QoS, Adv Routing, etc. aren't included by default.

But I took the bus to Queretaro. 2:30 hours later I arrived. In the meanwhile received 3 phone calls from Gerardo Flores in panic because the DSL's pon on Debian didn't work correctly blocking the whole initalization. Now I gotta go to check.

Four hours later of my departure, arrive to San Luis de la Paz, take a cap to the warehouse (acting as a office) and started to work. OpenBSD instalation: sweet; DSL configuration: smooth; load balancing: total failure. The reason: the network structure: worthless. But the thing I'm worried about is the denial of access to ssh... don't understand why...

Does anybody knows a good initchat for Cyclades PC400 DSPs?

Does anyboyd knows how I can get mint working y my PowerBook?

Started to read the Steppenwolf during the travel. It's depressive, add the traffic, the accidents, the slowness, the smelly drunk person at the next side, the absence of company...