what's wrong?

This week haven't been my computer week; the computers' god must be angry with me: I can't do anything right, everything is getting wrong, and the worse thing of all was this weekend, this Sunday:

Still in bed got a phone call from my aunt Ana: if I could help with her inet conection problem: Fucking dotnewdoman problem...

During this receive several phone calls from Prosat: their clients couldn't see the web: the squid in their new OpenBSD wasn't up.

A phone call from Zendejas: routing problems in the ITC.

All this in Sunday!!!! Isn't fair, isn't life!!!.

Bought "Asi hablaba Zaratrusta", two bucks, neat! Also ask my dad for a Dostoyevski book: crime and punishment.

Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Hesse: Germans are crazy, insane, how their reproduced themselves?