I'm masochist

No money, low scores, few sleep hours, barely eat, just for the purpose to have a master degree en CompSci... it's good. This day: woke up, eat bacon and eggs, coffee. Got in the campus. More coffee. Met with Antonio, gladly we could broke our commitment to go to CCM. Tomorrow before the research meeting we'll join and talk with Valdivia. Frausto gave us back our research paper. It sucks! Repeat after me: Never trust in a wise look guy who say: I'll do it all. Now to find some info about the transformation from TSP to SAT. Submitted the Software Architecture work. Worked some in my new home page. Just for my java applets execercises. Java is no so bad after all... but applets are devil. Put some love in my site proposal for the mobil robotic research group. Get back home. Ate meal in wine and spagetthi. Back to the campus. Gentoo emerge stuff, worked in the Use Case diagrams for the Programming Environments' project. I have to write a work proposal for my thesis, and raise some J2EE apps in web.