Long time no blog. I don't have anything relevant to say, so I'll write what I'm doing:

The difference between documentation and nothing Holly Lord! In 7 hours of exciting hackig I wrote a beautiful applet only with the documentation provided by Sun. I have almost 3 days hacking the GnomeCanvas app, with out nice results, because I don't have documentation, you must look for simple applications which use that toy, study them, and try to apply their ideas in my app. Have you ever see the MSDN documenation? Sweet Lord!, it makes that any mediocre programmer write useful apps in hours, and mediocre programmers are the biggest part of the work force. I would be a nice effort write nice documentation for the Gnome projects. The Mono efforts to achieve this are admirable, the MonoDoc is the way to do that kind of collaborative efforts. Every day I found myself more and more stupid... but the real issue is that I'm discovering myself. I forged an auto image, now I'm breaking that illusion, trying to be honest. I'm not what I want to be, but I'm still a nice person.