too many, too much

One of my fellows quit in the first week of the Tec's crisis. But he *censored*ed up the Logic's project: he was who proposed the problem, and he was who setup the possible solution, which, as I established after, I was almost impossible to probe in two months: TSP->SAT transformation. So, we had to change the project and get results in one week.

Yesterday resigns another fellow, and in sake of my bad luck, we was part of other team: Programming Environments. It's just bad luck, bad situations under bad situations.

Frausto (logic lecturer) gave us a couple direction to research. His current to-publish paper is a fastest-to-solve SAT representation of a scheduling problem, and we're going to try to find a SAT representation of project administration (is it planning or is it scheduling?). So Frausto show us his paper and his current opponent: an old paper about the same problem, wrote by some person which last name is Memik. Today lookup for his home page and found that she's a beautiful woman!!!, and very smart, and turkish.

Yesterday wrote an email to the software architecture lecturer: Ferro. I tried to argue that free software community do not worry about establish a formal architecture, instead there is an evolutionary process which conforms the architecture, naturally. He wrote me back quite enthusiatic. I think he's happy with my debate, because his class is falling in a boring and unsense monologue.

Michel is inviting us to spend the weekend at Acapulco, he live there. It's so tempting his idea, but the logic research and the progenv project are slaving me