The frenchs have a very difficult way to write "today", but it sound so nice. First the class: Entrepreneure philosophy. Such a great class. I'm enjoying it a lot. In this week we read two books: The power of ethical management and If Aristotle Ran General Motors. Last week read Man's Search For Meaning and for the next week is the Machiavelli's Prince. My thesis now have a new title (and a new orientation): Development of an autonomous mobile robot exploration of unknown environments system. I've to review the state of the art, and it's so boring. The exciting part is my looking for robotic hardware interaction frameworks. Right now I've two propousals: The Player/Stage Project and the Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit. The first is from a doctoral student at Stanford, the other is sponserd by DARPA. Both are GPLed. Gotta analyze and choose one. This saturday is my birthday party at Cuernavaca. But my birthday is the next wednesday, june 30. 27 years old. No comments.