back from Maruata and the book quest

Maruata is a "cabecera municipal" of Aquila, Michoacán. Inhabitated by nahuas communities. Aquila is the municipio with the largest coast area and the bests beaches in the country. First we arrive to El Faro, then we move to La Llorona and finally to Maruata. Good weed, nice foreign girls, and several hours to be fighting the tides and to be laid in the hamaca. Meet a woman who study at Berkeley, Economics, and congrated me for my english fluency, so I'm very cocky about that. Tomorrow I'll breakfast with Denysse.

Book Quest

Two more to the list:

I should add Capitan Veneno of Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, but I didn't read El Sombrero de tres picos, which came in the same book.. so I don't count it.