30 Enero, 11:42pm

happy punk

This has been a nice weekend: Cinthia and Joshua were here, so we hang out a while.

In friday we had dinner in the fancy Marco Polo trattoria, then we went to the plazuela to dance and drink 20 beers. Were nice, but Jackie didn't like the exhibicionism of a couple girls who showed tanga and tits... hahaha... I just loved it.

In saturday I went to school because I helped in a robots demostration. Later we went to the cinema and watch Voces inocentes. Such a great movie. Everybody must watch it. Later we stop for a coffee, and then grab more beers in a rock bar, where the band ("zona") play awsome! Live n' let die ruled... and a lot of Heroe's songs.

Today, we where all hang over, so made the meal. Delicious.

Now Cinthia is gone. We need a new house-mate...

Finished my homework: A Naive Bayesian classificator in Matlab.