5 April, 1:12pm

  1. Corsarios de Levante. Arturo Pérez-Reverte (12-13-2008 / 01-08-2009)
  2. La chica que soñaba con una cerilla y un bidón de gasolina. Stieg Larsson (01-14-2009 / 01-20-2009)
  3. La metamorfosis / Carta al Padre. Franz Kafka (01-21-2009 / 01-29-2009)
  4. Tokio Blues: Norwegian Wood. Haruki Murakami (01-30-2009 / 02-04-2009)
  5. Twilight. Stephenie Meyer (02-04-2009 / 03-07-2009)
  6. Mi vida, mi libertad. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (03-10-2009 / 04-05-2009)

My flatmate gave this book after an apartment cleaning. As usual, I started the book with suspicion, but after a few pages I was totally hooked up. I'm just thrilled by this woman, her life, her capacity of adaptation, and mental power to see the reality and stick to it, even if it's painful.

Break the mental jail and see the world with other eyes, your own eyes.

I'm not talking about a specific religion nor a specific culture, I'm talking about of being able to see beyond the bars of the imposed idiosyncrasy.

The ability to start over again, no matter the age. The courage to take risk and face the unknown.

I love those people kind of life.

And some times I felt identified. Of course, Mexico is not Africa, neither Spain is Netherlands, but there are some elements of coincidence when somebody moves out from a chaotic place into another with more sense of order.