7 October, 7:54pm

Ya me voy a la montaña

The first thing I always think is "how am I going to start my blog?". Well, in this occasion the question will be the entry point.

Today get in the Campus was a totally pain in the ass. Aznar the asshole, were here in the showcase of his new book: Retratos y perfiles: de Fraga a Bush, so the security was really annoying. Metal detection, bag revisions, stupid questions, and the pretorian guard of the guy look at you badly.

Sucar already gave me his correction of my thesis. They're a lot! Work to do. And Romero, my other synoid, sent me his first email.

Yestedey, VeZ, Jackie and I went to the cinema and watched The 40 Year Old Virgin, an hilarious but stupid movie. Just for having a laughing moments.

The next week will be my last days in charge of the lab. Nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo ve perdido... Let's move to other seas, to other valleys. Sergio will be the next labmaster.

I need some appreciation and hugging.