Friday 24 February 2012

Mi colega Claudio Saavedra me prestó el libro "The enigma of capital and the crises of capitalism" de David Harvey.

Soy un lector muy lento en inglés, y más aún si me encuentro con frases como las siguientes:

Put crudely, the policy was: privatise profits and socialise risks; save the banks and put the screws on the people (in Mexico, for example, the standard of living of the population dropped by about a quarter in four years after the financial bail-out of 1982),

Financial crises serve to rationalise the irrationalieties of capitalism.

Whether we can get out of this crisis in a different way depends very much upon the balance of class forces. It depends upon the degree to which the mass of the population rises up and says, 'Enough is enough, let's change this system.'

However, capital needs access to cheaper and more docile labour supplies. There were a number of ways to do that. One was to encourage immigration [...] Another way was to seek out labour-saving technologies, such as robotisation [...] If all of that failed then [...], armed with neoliberal doctrine, prepared the use state power to crush organised labour.