Sunday 13 May 2012

Extracto de "The enigma of capital and the crises of capitalism" de David Harvey.

At times of crisis, the irrationality of capitalism becomes plain for all to see. Surplus capital and surplus labour exist side by side with seemingly no way to put them back together in the midst of immense human suffering and unmet needs. [..]

For capital accumulation to return to 3 per cent compound growth will require a new basis for profit-making and surplus absorption. The irrational way to do this in the past has been through the destruction of the achievements of proceeding eras by way of war, the devaluation of assets, the degradation of productive capacity, abandonment and other forms of 'creative destruction'. [..] Human lives are disrupted and even physically destroyed, whole careers are challenged, psyches wounded and respect for human dignity is cast aside. [..] Crises, we may conclude, are the irrational rationalisers of an irrational system.

—David Harvey. The enigma of capital and the crises of capitalism.